Re: SVG 2 FPWD published (wallclock, animatecolor)

> This depreciation was added in the second edition of SVG 1.1.
> I think anyway, a second edition is the wrong place to depreciate
> something. And one has to take into account, that animateColor works
> in viewers with serious efforts to interprete animation in SVG properly,
> why to remove something, that works without problems for about 10 years?

Because it's pointless and makes viewers more complicated for no reason.

> They have to note, that such programs are not advanced enough
> to interprete their content and have to suggest interested users to use
> more advanced programs, this is annoying and a waste of time both for
> authors and users and only a result of these absurd depreciation
> discussions about features, that already work pretty good in many viewers.

Only authors that can't be bothered to change animateColor to animate
need to do that.
A simple search and replace script would fix things for them.

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Received on Thursday, 30 August 2012 10:20:51 UTC