[SVG2 FPWD 2012-08-28] Conditional processing, external resources, extensibility


a) I would like to suggest to add the attributes 
requiredFormats and requiredFonts from SVG tiny 1.2.
Those can be pretty useful for authors for conditional
processing, especially requiredFormats to provide fallbacks,
if a viewer does not interprete a specific format.

b) Why is externalResourcesRequired removed? This can
be quite useful for authors to stop/avoid unintended progressive
rendering as already explained in SVG tiny 1.2. Progressing rendering
can be quite annoying, especially if there is animation in a huge file.
I suggest to add the section about progressive rendering from
SVG tiny 1.2 instead of removing the attribute...
Alternative it could be even more useful to provide an option for
authors to explicitly deactivate the behaviour of progressive
rendering, if they think, this will be suboptimal for the presentation
of a document.

c) I would like to suggest to add XLink:href to foreignObject as
already available in SVG tiny 1.2 and to align the explanations
in the extensibility chapter with SVG tiny 1.2. Especially it should
be noted, that if an extension has a namespace as XHTML or
MathML, this should be used as a value of requiredExtensions.
Else it is not obvious, what authors should note, that use agents
may understand. 
Furthermore, if XLink:href is added, it could be a good idea to
add some IRIs with fragment identifiers for popular formats without
a namespace, that authors can use them with requiredExtensions and 
viewers can understand them - alternatively of course requiredExtensions 
could be often better replaced by requiredFormats, once this is added to 
the SVG 2 draft.


Received on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 08:56:02 UTC