RE: handling XLink deprecation

Hi Cam,

For the two parts of the proposal that affect me most (at least in ways that I'm aware):

--change xlink:href to href for: <a>, <altGlyph>, the animation elements, <color-profile>, <filter>, <font-face-uri>, <glyphRef>, gradient elements, <mpath>, <pattern>, <textPath>, <tref> and <use>

--change xlink:href to src for: <cursor>, <feImage>, <image> and <script>

I can see the logic (and I've always thought xlink and the associated namespace hoopla was unfortunate). But, it runs a bit counter to some thoughts I have had about making SVG more internally consistent (instead of consistent with HTML which suffers from severe fits of feudal bickering) -- wouldn't it be nice if one syntax for referring to all "modifiers" (gradients, patterns, filters, animations, uses, replicates, clipPaths, masks, etc.) were in place. Why have "#Q" for some and url(#Q) for others? I always have to look up an example to figure out the syntax for the particular modifier de l'heure that I am using. It seems the two issues are related in a way.

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Subject: handling XLink deprecation

I am not sure if we have resolved exactly how we will handle the XLink deprecation.  If we have, please feel free to remind me what we decided. :)

But I propose we:

* remove xlink:actuate, xlink:type, xlink:role, xlink:arcrole and xlink:title altogether

* change xlink:href to href for: <a>, <altGlyph>, the animation elements, <color-profile>, <filter>, <font-face-uri>, <glyphRef>, gradient elements, <mpath>, <pattern>, <textPath>, <tref> and <use>

* change xlink:href to src for: <cursor>, <feImage>, <image> and <script>

* change xlink:show to target on <a>, and not allow it on any other element

* make the new attributes take precedence over the old ones, in case both are specified

And for the moment, until we decide what to do with our more general DOM 

* have the "href" IDL attributes reflect xlink:href or href or src as 
appropriate (per the precedence rule above) as an SVGAnimatedLength

* introduce an

     attribute DOMString src;

on the interfaces for <cursor>, <feImage>, <image> and <script> and have 
it just reflect the base value.

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