SVG <length> to <length> | <percentage>


The "Chapter 4: Basic Data Types and Interfaces" [1] needs some clean up. It still references CSS2 instead of newer CSS specs. Since we already have an issue there, it does not influence the FPWD.

We redefine a lot of data types which we shouldn't and don't seem to be necessary.

	We support '%' for presentation attributes, but not for CSS properties. Instead we should replace any appearance of <length> with: <length> | <percentage>. Browsers support it anyway IIRC.

<color> and <angle>
	Don't need special casing anyway.

	Is often used for identifiers. In these case we should replace it with <ident> from CSS3 Values. 

	replace every appearance  with: <length> | <percentage>

There are maybe a couple more types that I don't list here. I would suggest removing the syntax from SVG, link to the responsible CSS specification that defines it, and add a notation that for SVG presentation attributes what missing unit means.



Received on Sunday, 19 August 2012 16:12:02 UTC