Re: Tips for implementing SVG Spec?

On 10-04-12 16:46, wrote:
> I'm planning to implement a subset of SVG in the near future for use in
> a vector editor program I've been writing.  (I'm mostly interested in
> import/export, but think display would be useful too).  Most of what I
> know about SVG I got from the O'Reilly book plus my own test documents
> and poking around news forums.
> I was reading the thread on this list on exception handling, am now
> thinking that SVG has a lot of technical details that I have been
> glossing over.  If I want to make sure I'm compliant to the standard, is
> there any advice or tips about how I should structure my code? 

You could start by looking at existing implementations (like Inkscape).
Also, be /very/ sure to carefully read all the "implementation notes"
and other "extra" stuff, not just the bare definitions.

You may also want to consider looking at uniconverter, I'm not quite
sure where it stands at the moment, but it might be worth it to target
that, rather than going to SVG directly. (If you just want import/export
at least.)

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