Re: Looking for SVG Mobile 1.1 Java interfaces

On Thursday, March 29, 2012, 10:42:18 PM, mark wrote:

mkc> I have a new vector library for Java, and would like to write an
mkc> SVG implementation that uses it.  I recall from working with SVG
mkc> before that the W3 distributes source code that contains all the
mkc> interfaces that you need to make sure your code adheres to the standard. 
mkc>  I was looking through the W3 SVG website, but could not find
mkc> any links to archives like these.  Would anyone know where I
mkc> could get one for SVG Mobile 1.1?

The definition of the SVG 1.1 Basic DOM (Tiny 1.1 has no DOM) is

SVG Mobile 1.1 is just a subset, defined as a list of features; the normative definition is SVG 1.1.

The Java binding in SVG 1.1 is

which links to a zip of the bindings.

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