WOFF tests

http://granite.sru.edu/~ddailey/svg/woff2.svg ( I think all the fonts
involved are PD or freely re-usable, but I probably need to re-verify)




A.      Fitting the text into the box using textLength="90"


Chrome and IE9 - okay

Firefox - doesn't handle the textLength and lengthAdjust  (not yet

Safari - doesn't seem to handle WOFF yet but handles rectangle fitting of

Opera - handles the textLength and lengthAdjust   for non-Woff but not for


B.      Fill and stroke

Chrome - stroke and fill separate and leave gaps at curved points of WOFF
fonts (note B in Book)

Others - okay except that Safari doesn't handle WOFF

C.      Cursor selection of text

IE - cursor sometimes fails to turn into i-beam instead turns into image
dragger. Gaps form in highlighted selection. Sometimes selection jumps ahead
to end of line. Double click on text is erratic

FF - no cursor selection of text. Does not copy to clipboard with CTRL C

Chrome& Safari- okay

Opera - selection a bit erratic and no double click. Does not copy to
clipboard with CTRL C



Am not sure if anyone is still collecting this sort of thing - SVG IG seems
to be quiet. Hixie's acid text has declared that all web browser improvement
is complete. This is not exactly a test-suite since it evaluates more than
one feature at a time. But it is an instance where no browser seems to do
all things correctly yet.




Received on Friday, 30 September 2011 01:20:06 UTC