Re: SVG in HTML5: Browser differences, bug in IE9?

Am 24.09.2011 um 16:35 schrieb David Dailey:

> 2.       The fact that the SVG itself has its height unspecified but that a rectangle within it has height=100% is interpreted differently by Chrome which allows the rectangle to fill the rest of the HTML document. IE and FF provide some default limit on the height of the SVG.

For 2 I'd like to point you to bug (some more references inside the bug). I agree to Daniel Holbert that the behavior of Safari and Chrome is wrong. No viewport size was defined, so FF uses the default values (300x150 IIRC). You can avoid that by setting the CSS properties 'width' and 'height' to '100%' and the SVG will be scaled to full size. We will fix that in WebKit at some point.


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