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> Hi David,
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>> Hi folks,
>> I've written lots of forms like the ones in the example provided (with
>> expanding controls for what could be considered repeating values as in
>> database apps). I see it as another possible use case for <replicate> .
>> See
>> (look also at the paper as well as the examples)
>> So now we have three proposed domains for applicability of <replicate>:  
>> web
>> forms. svg, and inkml.
> I think the SVG-WG should consider <replicate> for SVG 2.0 since there
> seems to be a bunch of useful things it could be used for.
>> On the other hand, I was one of those who thought <animate> might apply  
>> to
>> domains outside SVG.
> Indeed. One of the earliest demos I did with my CDF engine had SVG Fonts
> pulled in for rendering the HTML text, then when I demo'd it to the
> SVG WG back in early 2007, Cameron (McC) asked if the animation could
> apply to the HTML markup? I edited the markup placing the <animate>
> elements in the SVG namespace and targeted the color of the HTML text
> and lo and behold it just worked(tm).

Using SVG Animation for animating CSS properties used by HTML elements  
outside of an svg fragment does seem to work in Firefox, i.e you can  
target a particular HTML element in a given document and animate the  
properties that apply to it. Not sure if that's intentional or not.

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