RE: [whatwg] Web Forms 2 Repetition Model-please reinstate on specification

Hi folks, 

I've written lots of forms like the ones in the example provided (with
expanding controls for what could be considered repeating values as in
database apps). I see it as another possible use case for <replicate> .

(look also at the paper as well as the examples)

So now we have three proposed domains for applicability of <replicate>: web
forms. svg, and inkml.

On the other hand, I was one of those who thought <animate> might apply to
domains outside SVG.


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On Mon, 19 Sep 2011, wrote:
> Please reinstate this feature (Web Forms 2 / Repetition Model) on the 
> official specification.
> My use-case/ justification is explained on this forum thread:
> I want a declarative solution for simple repetition (e.g. for scientific 
> data forms, for use in high-security institutions where Javascript may 
> be disabled); and the ability to write my own Javascript based solution 
> for anything else. (I can already do the latter, but the former eludes 
> me; most disappointingly considering that this feature was well designed 
> and close to being released).

We took it out because it was just far too complicated a solution to solve 
far too narrow a set of use cases.

However, there is a lot of ongoing work in this area of research, 
especially currently in the group. I encourage you 
to bring up the suggestion there. Unfortunately, coming up with a 
declarative solution whose cost-to-usefulness ratio is good enough has 
proven over the years to be a rather elusive goal.

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