Re: Feature request for SVG2 : stroke-position


obviously this would be much simpler than to reuse elements or entities
of path fragments with clipping or masking as currently or using the vector 
effect draft for this (as far as I understand it, it could cover this as 
well, but not simpler than clipping or masking:

What is inside or outside of a shape is clearly defined and not related
to stroke - this is related to fill. I think, there will be no problem/change
related to a new attribute for stroking.

But it is maybe a better (?) alternative to display only a fraction of
the stroke using for example something like stroke-fraction="0.3,0.1",
default would be stroke-fraction="0.5,0.5"?
This would indicate, which part perpendicular to the path direction
is intended to be displayed, for example the first parameter for
the fraction outside of fill or if there is no fill and second within/above 
This avoids more complex discussions on how to position exactly a
stroke of a curved path and whether this has influence on the
appearence of such a positioned path compared to the relating
solution of clipping with fill or stroke of different width.
Another problem of stroke-position may occur, if the proposal is realised,
that stroke can have differents widths along a path.

Another alternative could be to combine this with the idea of 
a stroke with different widths, than stroke-fraction would be a
longer list or better two attributes, each one list, one above fill,
one outside. And there will be a need for stroke-keys and stroke-splines
to get the shape of the stroke similar to keyTimes and keySplines for


Received on Monday, 19 September 2011 14:28:03 UTC