Re: luminanceToAlpha values in FEColorMatrix

Rik Cabanier wrote:
> I don't know what makes sRGB so special that it is the default 
> colorspace in SVG and used all over the spec.

Basically IBM PCs.

IBM PCs used a cheap hardware implementation, meaning that the voltage 
output was directly proportional to the numeric code.  When combined 
with the CRT displays of the time, this tended to produce a transfer 
function with a gamma of 2.2.  The early colour capable browsers were 
mainly on IBM PCs, and mainly used with CRT displays, so the IBM PC plus 
CRT colour space became the de facto colour space.

sRGB is mainly gamma 2.2, but with some tweaking at lower intensities. 
When specifications got sufficiently formalised that a colour space had 
to be identified, sRGB was chosen as it was very close to the de facto 
colour space for most users.

David Woolley
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