Re: SVG Fonts inside of OpenType fonts? [Cross-post from]

Robert O'Callahan:
> I'm quite enthusiastic about Adam's proposal!

Me too, it seems to be a good way to get rendering of complex glyphs as
you can do with the Full version of SVG Fonts and to have it support all
the font features that many languages require.  I think it’s also much
simpler than the encode-OpenType-in-XML solution.

Vladimir Levantovsky:
> > Once the referencing mechanism is resolved, the OT glyph indices can be
> > used to render corresponding SVG glyphs, if present, or the traditional
> > glyphs as a fallback.

I think you are right about the problem of assigning glyph indices based
on the <glyph> element order.  Perhaps that can be a default, but
without being able to explicitly assign glyph IDs to each <glyph> then
you’re not likely going to be able to just embed an existing SVG font
document without rearranging it.  Needing to write empty <glyphs/> just
to match up to the glyph indices used in the font doesn’t sound

Using the <glyph glyph-name=""> attribute could work, or a new
glyph-index="" attribute could be introduced.  I don’t know whether that
would be better than having a separate table mapping the <glyph>s to
glyph indices.

Cameron McCormack ≝

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