RE: Minutes, June 9 2011 SVG WG telcon

Alex Danilo wrote (on 6/9/11 9:11 PM):
>>> Actually since SVG 1.0 there has been an attribute 'method'
>>> on<textPath>  when set to 'stretch' is supposed to do most of what
>>> you describe here.

Doug responded:
>>Au contraire, mon frère!
>>Opera does implement it, and it's cool!

Alex said:

>Finally... Now I know what that means for all the other implementers.

With implementation of so much of the text stuff being spotty, and with the
spec being complex it is hard to know what might do what.

>From the spec "A value of stretch indicates that the glyph outlines will be
converted into paths, and then all end points and control points will be
adjusted to be along the perpendicular vectors from the path, thereby
stretching and possibly warping the glyphs. With this approach, connected
glyphs, such as in cursive scripts, will maintain their connections."

Exposing those paths to authors, then should be easy for anyone who has
implemented this feature? Certainly an implementer who has done this will be
further along in terms of knowing how to deform text with considerably

I still don't see, though, that textPath-stretch by itself is going to
handle many of the use cases presented here: 

Note particularly the second block of examples entitled "Alignment of glyphs
to a curve, a pair of curves, or a shape:" The Silverlight example at the
bottom may be one of the clearest in which two paths of control rather than
one may be required. <textShape> with two control paths and method stretch
oughta do it!


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