Re: [SVG1.1F2 LC] Appendix Q: Several minor suggestions

Hello Helder,

You may have missed this message from November. We are in process of clearing out the old changes appendix and listing the changes made since the last publication, as required by W3C process and patent policy.

We are also open to adding an 'all changes since First Edition' appendix, as you suggested, if you are willing to help.

Either way, please respond to this message to let us know if our resolution of your comment is acceptable to you.

On Thursday, November 18, 2010, 7:58:37 PM, Chris wrote:

CL> Hello www-svg,

CL> Helder Magalhães <> wrote:
>> Although the "Changes" appendix is not normative, I suspect it will be
>> read over and over given the background from many coming from SVG 1.1;
>> therefore, I'm sharing a set of minor issues in the hope of polishing
>> this section as much as possible.

CL> I'd like to clarify that the changes appendix is primarily there to
CL> satisfy a W3C process requirement related to patent policy, and thus
CL> lists changes since the previous publication for which there was an
CL> exclusion opportunity (such as a FPWD or Last Call).

CL> So, the changes appendix in the next publication will list changes
CL> relative to the Last Call document.

CL> ( Tracker, this is ACTION-2906 )

CL> Having said which, a non-normative summary of all the changes between
CL> SVG 1.1 First and Second editions is certainly very helpful, for
CL> someone familiar with the first edition; a diff is easy to generate
CL> but tends to trip up over minor changes to markup or even line
CL> breaking or rearrangement of paragraphs.

CL> So we are happy to accept this as a last call comment (despite the
CL> comment period being closed) and to add, in addition to the changes
CL> appendix, a new appendix listing all the changes.

CL> The appendix to which you linked was a great start - may we have your
CL> permission to ad it to the specification? How did you generate it? We
CL> would need to update it to account for later changes - are you
CL> interested in helping with that?

CL> This comment is being tracked as
CL> ISSUE-2391: Last Call Comment: better changes appendix

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