3D -- WebGL and SVG?

I had a brief interchange with Neil Trevett [1] of the OpenGL (Khronos)
group recently in New York. As you know WebGL is pretty mature as a spec now
and has good traction in a number of browsers. One writes very low level
code dealing with 3D shapes, textures, shaders and the like. It is pretty
cool stuff, as I'm sure most of you are aware. It is not exactly, though,
what we might call "tractable" to the masses. Neil said something about
their being tens of thousands of 3D graphics programmers and millions of web
developers. I asked about possible work with the W3C and he said that there
is an incubator group considering such things. One of the obvious tricks is
to design a markup language sophisiticated enough to handle all the
wonderful stuff that WebGL would do under the hood. I suggested that the SVG
WG might be interested in such collaboration. No doubt some of you know
about this already - perhaps all of you do - but the topic is certainly of
interest to a broad audience. Incidentally, <replicate>[2] gives one of the
most concise grammars I'm aware of for describing, in human-friendly terms,
a very rich class of 3D-structures. 


How else might we conceptualize markup for 3D? Is this something worth
thinking about here?





[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Trevett


Received on Wednesday, 3 August 2011 16:24:51 UTC