Re: So long as we're tidying up text

On 14/07/11 7:12 AM, David Dailey wrote:
> Another set of experiments here:
> Results in five browsers here (from upper left clockwise: IE9 , Chrome,
> Safari, Opera, FF):
> Key questions that seem to arise involve the attribute writing-mode="tb-rl"
> What happens when text is also rotated, or when it also follows a textPath?
> 1.Does a gradient fill or stroke also rotate?


> 2.Does the underline also rotate?


Note that going forward, for SVG 2, we will be aligning with the CSS3 
Writing Modes spec for how to handle vertical text.

> 3.Does any stretching as imposed through font-stretch="ultra-expanded"
> textLength="90" lengthAdjust="spacingAndGlyphs" apply horizontally or
> vertically?

I would imagine it applies vertically, since the textLength="90" 
describes the author's expectation of the sum of the (vertical) advances 
of the glyphs.  But I don't know that this is defined well for vertical 
text in the spec.

> 4.Does a gradient stretch throughout the text or is it applied on a
> character-by-character basis?

No special stretching of the gradient should be done due to lengthAdjust="".

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