Embedding SVG - need help


Can the SVG WG provide what the reference rendering should be for each of
the cases at the following test:


There might already be a test case out there somewhere (I dimly recall Doug
had a page?)

In the latest IE9 Preview, oddly I didn't see anything for <object>/<embed>
columns until I scroll the page (then the 'missing file' indication goes
away and the SVG is displayed).  Maybe someone knows why?  Also, the
<iframe> cases have a white background unlike other browsers.

Opera shows scrollbars in some contexts, but not others.

I think WebKit is the worst offender, since it has two major bugs that I
know of that affect the results:
  - annoying non-transparent background in object/iframe/embed (bug
  - improper sizing of the SVG in an <img> when <svg>'s width and height are
in percentages

Some browsers display scrollbars in some cases and others don't.

At the moment only one out of 16 squares in this grid displays reliably
across all modern browsers (<img> with <svg> explicit width, height and


Received on Tuesday, 14 September 2010 17:40:28 UTC