Re: Where to put <desc> tags

Hi David,

All documentation I've ever seen for both the <title> and <desc> elements
say that they describe the graphical element that contain it (its parent) -
so the latter in your email.


On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 4:55 PM, ddailey <> wrote:

>  In what appear to be the two main documents from W3C on accessibility in
> SVG [1,2], there seem to be slightly unclear advice in where to put <desc>
> tags.
> In some of the examples, the <desc> precedes the group or object it is
> meant to describe:
> <desc>this is a red rectangle meant to portray a button</desc>
> <rect fill="red" />
> In others, it is embedded as a child of the object it describes:
> <rect fill="red" >
> <desc>this is a red rectangle meant to portray a button</desc>
> </rect>
> The latter would seem to be a better approach since the <desc> is rather
> yoked to the thing it describes, but how are search engines and screen
> readers likely to deal with it?
> Is there another place where this is discussed, or am I missing something
> in my reading of these? What is the best advice for authors?
> thanks
> David
> [1] (dated 2000)
> {2] (dated 2008)

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