Re: Some thoughts on css transforms in svg

Especially for animation the CSS-draft is 
pretty incompatible to SVG/SMIL due to this
And a SMIL animation is always performed on
the provides values. This does not fit to the idea
of the CSS-draft to decompose for example a
matrix in a larger set of transformations and 
to animate these. To have this, one needs maybe
another calcMode 'complex' to cover such a complex 
animation behaviour. And of course, for such
a complex behaviour, the animation function
should be explicitly and understandable defined
to be understandable for an average author.

A good approach would be of course just to leave
the old attribute transform as it is and to
introduce a new attribute transform2D to avoid
most incompatibilities and to allow authors in the
future to get access to this not only as a decorative
issue with CSS. Of course this would be a big advantage
of millions of existing SVG documents too, because there is
no risk of backwards incompatibilities in the drafts or 
implementation problems for the old documents.
The separation could work similary to animateMotion
(and its attribute rotate) as additional transformations, one
just has to define a proper order of all these independent
transformations - well it is just one more with transform2D.


Received on Friday, 12 March 2010 12:49:40 UTC