Re: [SVG1.1F2 LC] 15.12 Filter primitive ˇfeComposite˘ formula

Hello Olaf & Erik,

	We included all the Porter-Duff equations in the
compositing chapter back around 2002 or so, and the current
draft of that is at:

	I agree it would be good to include the actual equations
in the spec. especially since I don't believe the original
Porter-Duff paper took alpha into account IIRC.


--Original Message--:
>Erik Dahlstrom:
>>What other operations? Where in the spec?
>>Are you suggesting adding all the porter-duff equations for 'over', 'xor'  
>>etc to the feComposite section?
>Yes, for operator = "over | in | out | atop | xor" of feComposite.
>This should be not very difficult, because at least for them the
>usual implementations seem to agree on a result.
>Interestingly, for the arithmetic operator, where a formula is
>provided, I have seen different interpretations, for example
>Batik/Squiggle differs sometimes from Opera ;o)
>But I think, this is no indication, that providing formuals is
>a disadvantage.
>Informative additions would be enough, if it is not intended
>to risk some relevant change (what is not really likely).
>To find out, what the operators mean (including opacity), 
>I had to search, read an article at wikipedia, finding a reference 
>to the online version of the article from Porter and Duff, reading
>and understanding this, deviating the meaning for SVG filters.
>I think, this cascade of actions for the reader can be shortened
>dramatically by simply providing the formulas.
>If we assume, that the online version of the article is not
>accessible forever, the necessary action can be even more
>time consuming - traveling to a specialised library, booking the
>magazine, maybe including interlending, waiting, finally reading,
>captured by Star Wars reminiscences... ;o)

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