[SVG1.1F2 LC] precise data type definition of something like "<coordinate>+"

Hello www-svg,

I think, it would be interesting to know the precise definition of
a data type like "<coordinate>+" (and similar constructs for example 
mentioned in the text chapter).

Of cource, <coordinate>, <length>, <number> etc are already defined, but still
I did not find the meaning of '+'.
What does this exactly mean? Obviously a list as mentioned in the prose
defintions of the attributes, but it has not the syntax of <list-of-Ts> 
clearly defined in the data type chapter.

I think, in SVG tiny 1.2 this is typically changed to <list-of-Ts>.
However, this has consequences for animation.
Something like <coordinate>, <length>, <number> can have an
additive animation (including to- and by-animation),  <list-of-Ts> not.
Following SVG tiny 1.2, this means especially, that it is not possible
anymore in SVG 1.1 as well to have a to- or by-animation for such 
text (tspan) attributes like x, y, dx, dy.
This can be a restriction only helpful for tiny 1.2 devices or it can be some
general idea of simplication - what applies?

My interpretation of  "<coordinate>+" is, that those attributes can be
additive for each single list item, therefore especially to- or by-animations
are applicable. 
However, because I could not find any precise description of '+', there are 
maybe other interpretations as well with the result of different
implementations (when I was a member of the group I provided already
some samples including results from different viewers...
of course the results from implementations are influenced by inconsistencies
and bugs as well, therefore there is no interpretation identificable, all
implementations agree on).


Received on Tuesday, 29 June 2010 09:48:18 UTC