Re: how to implement activate** as an author?

Jonathan Chetwynd:

>Has activate been implemented by any UA?

According to my declarative animation tests 
Batik/Squiggle does it and the adobe plugin 
(no negative offsets here).
On these viewers it works at least in a situation,
that would have caused a click event.
But I did not try other options to generate an
activate event with them, there might be more...

These bugs/gaps in other viewers and a problem
in Batik/Squiggle causes some problem.
Batik/Squiggle seems to have problems with
something like begin="activate;click".
Therefore it is currently a problem to use
such a construction as a fallback to cover those
bugs/gaps of viewers.
Either one emphasises the bugs/gaps of
viewers ignoring activate or one emphasises
the bug of Batik/Squiggle not being able to
accept both events for the same begin ;o)


Received on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 16:04:10 UTC