Re: animate-elem-46-t.svg


> <animate xlink:href="#textID_1" attributeName="font-size"
> values="30;12;30" dur="3s" fill="freeze"/>


The lengths are in an XML attribute and the recommendation
notes in the chapter 'Basic Data Types' about lengths:
"A length is a distance measurement. The format of a <length> is a <number> 
optionally followed immediately by a unit identifier. (Note that the 
specification of a <number> is different for property values than for XML 
attribute values.)".
I think, in the 1.1 second edition draft there is some more wording added
about this SVG-CSS incompatibility problem.

Therefore only if the length appears within CSS notations (property values),
one has to add a unit.
I think, the test is ok, no need to add either units or attributeType="XML".
The viewer has to implicate 'px' as unit, if it needs to create an internal
CSS representation.

Else we are in trouble anyway the the tiny profiles, not allowing units
at all on presention attributes and having either no support of CSS (1.1)
or an interpretation not required (1.2) ;o)


Received on Monday, 7 June 2010 10:07:20 UTC