Re: animate-elem-46-t.svg

Ok, no worries. Thanks for the clarification Boris. I'll put this on my "text 
fixes todo" list.

Thanks for pointing out the problem Robert!



Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 6/6/10 8:57 PM, Anthony Grasso wrote:
>> I see what you're saying with the test. I did a quick check of the CSS
>> spec [1] and all the examples have units specified for 'font-size'. I
>> couldn't see anywhere in the spec about what to do if no units are
>> specified or if it is invalid to have no units. I'm not a CSS expert,
>> but I'm just wondering if a certain unit (e.g. "em") is used if no other
>> unit is specified?
> The <length> production in CSS requires a unit for all nonzero lengths. 
>  If there is no unit, the declaration is discarded (or if we're talking 
> about line-height the number is treated in a special way, but as a 
> <number>, not a <length>).
> -Boris

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