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On 6/2/10 10:18 PM, Alex Danilo wrote:
> ASV, Batik, Safari, Chrome, Opera and _all_ shipped (>  700 million) mobile viewers
> support SVG Fonts.

Not quite.  They support a subset (or rather multiple incompatible 
subsets) of SVG Fonts.

> Firefox currently is the only browser aligning  with IE9 in ignoring SVG Fonts in their
> implementations.

Yep.  And it's the only browser aligning with Opera in ignoring H.264 in 
the HTML5 video tag, and it's the only browser aligning with Webkit in 
being open source.  Something about matters of principle.

Or maybe it's IE9 aligning with Gecko?

> Astounding!

Indeed, though not in the way you seem to think.


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