Re: SVG Presentational Attributes, attributeType="CSS" vs "XML": same or different?

Hi www-svg,

To follow up on my previous message, I posted a grid of testcases for 
testing how various SVG implementations handle attributeType="XML" vs 
"CSS" for presentational attributes:
(There's also a ".html" version for Adobe SVG Viewer -- it wouldn't load 
the plain SVG version on my machine, probably because I need to tweak 
the mimetype or something.)

Here are the results from the above-linked grid, across various SVG 
         | (a)    | (b)  | (c)   | (d)   |(e)   | (f)   | (g)  | (h)
  ASV    | Gray   | 38px | Blue  | Green | Blue | Green | Blue | Green
  Opera  | Yellow | 18px | Green | Green | Red  | Green | Blue | Green
  WebKit | Red    | 38px | Blue  | Green | Red  | Green | Blue | Green

(I'm not including Mozilla/Firefox because it doesn't support animating 
presentational attributes yet -- that's what I'm working on & why I'm 
writing this message)

  Opera 10.10 on Ubuntu 9.10
  Safari 4.04 on OS X
  Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 on IE 6 (via Wine, on Ubuntu 9.10)

ASV matches "Behavior 1" from my previous message -- it follows the last 
paragraph of SVG 1.1 section 6.4 exactly. (completely ignoring the value 
of "attributeType" for animations on presentational attributes.)

Opera matches "Behavior 2" from my previous message -- it treats the XML 
attribute and the CSS properties as completely distinct entities. (with 
the CSS property's value overriding the XML attribute, whenever both are 
set or animated.)

WebKit is a sort of strange intermediate.
  *Aspects that match Behavior 1: When the property & attribute are 
simultaneously animated, they interact addititvely with each other (see 
(b)). Also, the property doesn't automatically "win" when there's a 
conflict (see (c)).
  *Aspects that match Behavior 2:  Animations on the XML attribute *do* 
"lose" when there's an *inline style* set (see (e)).

So, there's apparently no clear agreement among SVG implementations 
about what "the right thing to do" is here...

Received on Thursday, 21 January 2010 20:54:31 UTC