Path data, arc command: asking for clarification on flags

Greetings www-svg,

I would like to know whether the normative definition of
elliptical-arc-argument in SVG 1.1 Second Edition [1] implies -- as I
suspect, but am uncertain of -- that path segments without a comma or
whitespace after flags, such as "a4 2 5,1110.2-10.2", are acceptable,
and whether implementations not supporting this behavior are in error.

The definition states that a "comma-wsp" may appear after "flag", but
is optional. Since "flag" ends after exactly one digit, there needs to
be no greedy matching, so the "flag" grammar element ends after that
digit, unlike "integer-constant"/"digit-sequence". This definition
would make the path segment "a4 2 5,1110.2-10.2" acceptable, and parse
as RelativeArcTo(4, 2, 5, True, True, 10.2, -10.2) as if it were "a 4
2 5 1 1 10.2 -10.2".

Gecko (Firefox) and Chromium agree, but librsvg does not. Is this
actually intended?

- Louis


Received on Thursday, 2 December 2010 22:27:09 UTC