CSS styling compliance question

Looking at the SVG specification, it says styles can be specified
using CSS external style sheets or inline using SVG style elements
containing CSS in a CDATA section.

However it's not clear to me if these external style sheets are in
fact required to be strictly CSS compliant?

For instance, look at this example in the SVG spec:-


It shows an external style sheet thus:-

rect {
  fill: red;
  stroke: blue;
  stroke-width: 3

However, all of these properites are not CSS properties but in fact
SVG properties. So is this a valid CSS style sheet?  Strictly
speaking, a CSS parser might reject this as having unknown property
names according to CSS2.

Can anybody shed any further light on this issue?  Does the fact the
selector is a 'rect' change anything?



Received on Monday, 30 August 2010 17:43:30 UTC