Re: Should event and accessKey timing respect preventDefault?

On 27 aug 2010, at 04:37, Brian Birtles wrote:

> (Cross-posting to www-smil and www-svg since although this is a SMIL
> issue it is probably recently of more concern to SVG implementers and
> authors.)
> Dear all,
> SMIL as incorporated in SVG allows for animations to be keyed off
> various DOM events such as mouse clicks (event timing) as well as
> keyboard inputs (accessKey timing).
> One area that would benefit from clarification is whether animations
> should be triggered when preventDefault is called on the event in
> question (and presuming that event is cancelable).

I haven't looked closely at preventDefault (up until 2 minutes ago:-), but my impression is that it it should the opposite from what you suggest.
You seem to suggest
    someone calls event->preventDefault(), therefore the default action for the event on its target node doesn't happen.

My understanding is
  if the event comes in, and the target node decides not to take the default action for some reason, then it should also call event->preventDefault().

If my understanding is correct then I think there is no issue. Otherwise, could you point me to some references?
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