RE: (read first) Working towards a clear understanding of the interaction between svg and html5.

> Hi, Kevin-
> Thanks for taking the time to spell out your use cases and suggest spec
> wording. I think we now have a pretty good sense of what should be done
> here, and the SVG WG will discuss it at our face-to-face meeting in a
> couple of weeks. It's likely that we will reach agreement on what the
> proper behavior should be and how the spec should be worded in time for
> the next release of some of the major browsers (assuming that
> implementation details aren't too tricky). We'll also coordinate with
> the HTML and CSS WGs to get a consistent agreement.
Than you.
If I may ask, approximately when might this be?  There are additional bits of info that I could include that might be helpful to such a discussion... but some of it will take a little time.
> As far as the issue with CSS borders and backgrounds on inline SVG, I
> think that is an area open for debate; the SVG spec explicitly doesn't
> say anything currently about that. My personal opinion is that an
> inline element in HTML can effectively be treated as a container
> element, like a 
, and when styled as such, with a background and
> set dimensions, may receive pointer events by default. This is a
> special case not covered by the SVG 1.1 spec, currently.
> With regards to the event targets, the DOM3 Events spec introduces a new
> term, the "proximal event target" to distinguish between the element an
> event is aimed at, and the currentTarget as a consequence of the
> propagation path (capture, target, and bubbling phases). And in terms
> of the context menu over an empty canvas, that is actually aimed at the
> window more than the document, though it may carry context information
> such as the clientX/Y and the current document.
> Regards-
> -Doug Schepers
> W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs
> Kevin Ar18 wrote (on 8/19/10 10:18 PM):
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> > Working towards a clear understanding of the interaction between svg
> > and html5.
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