Re: Correct behaviour of feTurbulence + feDisplacementMap

Hi everyone,

> I created an SVG which uses feTurbulence and feDisplacementMap to create a
> sponge like effect.

Cool. :-)

> The SVG renders differently in Firefox compared to Opera and Inkscape.
> I have reported this issue to the Firefox team and they are investigating.
> See the bug report here:

FWIW, I've checked that Batik Squiggle also matches the Opera
behavior. Also, the issue is now corrected in Firefox nightly builds.

> Can someone please clarify which behaviour is correct?

It seems that the behavior was apparently not undefined, it was an
implementation issue which got fixed. :-)

> Perhaps there should be a test case for this.

And yes, I'd also say this could be a nice addition to the test suite.
If not, I'd suggest contributing it to the SVG Torture Tests [1]
suite. ;-)

> thanks,



Received on Thursday, 19 August 2010 23:25:53 UTC