RE: Should the base svg tag receive events? (testcase)

I did some work on a testcase that maybe covers some of the basics.
It only deals with svg in html pages right now.
There are 3 circles that you click on to run the tests in a browser.
Some info based on my understanding
A good way to think about it is an SVG tag is like an div with visibility=none.  Just like an invisible div tag, the svg tag can affect flow in an html page.  Just like an invisible div tag, the actual svg tag renders nothing onto the screen.  Just like an invisible div tag, you can't interact with an svg tag itself (trigger events, context menu, etc...) because nothing is rendered to the screen.
The only difference is that the childen of the svg tag can render themselves to the screen.
Within the SVG namespace, for an SVG element (g, rect, etc...)  to be the trigger of an event (the event target), it must exhibit 2 properties:
(1) It must be graphical and render to the screen  (Only these elments qualify:
(2) It must not have pointer-events set to none 		 	   		  

Received on Monday, 16 August 2010 21:45:31 UTC