Re: XLink namespace prefix

On Mon, 26 Apr 2010 18:09:02 +0900, Johannes Roessel  
<> wrote:
> In tracing an issue yesterday why a specific SVG image won't render in  
> some renderers I noticed that it used the namespace prefix “l:” for  
> XLink instead of the more common “xlink:”. SVG being XML, this shouldn't  
> be much of a problem, theoretically. However, the W3C validator  
> complains about that too and several SVG renderers, including rsvg and  
> IE 9 Preview won't render the image when the namespace uses a prefix  
> different from “xlink:”.
> I didn't find anything in the specification that discourages or forbids  
> the use of other namespace prefixes. Is there anything on that? If the  
> prefix doesn't *have* to be “xlink:”, then perhaps a test case for that  
> behavior might be good to have, considering that several renderers have  
> problems with that.

Is this IE9 in HTML or XML mode? (For HTML the prefix is fixed.)

Anne van Kesteren

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