Re: Context Menu: A must-have recommendation

And a third problem:

If you want to handle the right-click in the SVG and implement JS menu
functions that look similar to Windows UI with SVG graphics, the native
UI menu will interfere.


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>Francis Hemsher wrote:
>> The dynamic properties of the SVG image requires this consistent UI
>> for viewing and navigation.
>There are two problems with this:
>1) it assumes that "right clicking" is a meaningful concept on the 
>viewing platform;
>2) it tries to force the Microsoft Windows user interface model onto GUI 
>platforms which may have radically different UI conventions.
>> Any viewer of any image can right-click and be confident they will get:
>> 1. zoom in
>> 2. zoom out
>> 3. original view
>> Adopting the  Adobe SVG Viewer context menu structure and format
>> should be relatively easy for all browsers to accept. Its structure is
>> simple, and easy to customize.
>> See:
>> Because all browsers are familiar with handling a context menu, this
>> menu element could realistically be a recommendation by W3C, rather
>> than a suggestion.
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>> Francis
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