Re: SVG Tests suite and SVGFreeSansASCII

Hi Dirk,

> the test suite uses SVGFreeSansASCII. This could make the comparision
> between SVG Viewer output ant the expected drawing output easier.

Yup, this is one of the new and cool things in the SVG 1.1 Second
Edition test suite I'm holding for as a nice improvement for
cross-platform rendering in the scope of Regard [1] (Apache Batik's
regression test suite). The differences between text rendering among
platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.), which are a pain during
automated rendering comparison, should then fade away (completely?).

> However, the SVGFreeSansASCII-version on the test suite uses kerning
> (<hkern>) and I see some differences on WebKit with some SVG-Tests
> compared to Opera.

Oh-oh, I'd recommend removing all the extraneous features in that font
(the <hkern> and others which may be there, note that I didn't dig
down for more), as AFAIK it's purpose is to cause rendering to match
as closely as possible, rather than be testing specific font support
features. ;-)

> Greetings,
> Dirk



Received on Sunday, 4 April 2010 22:06:38 UTC