Re: [Rendering Order] Some early feedback

On 2009-10-24 6:45 AM, Doug Schepers wrote:
> Jeff Schiller wrote (on 10/23/09 11:38 PM):
>> 5) Trying to think if this has any impact on other modules being put
>> forth by the SVG WG.  Layout springs to mind as one that might have
>> some overlap but I don't think any spec has been released for this
>> yet, correct?
> No, the editor for that specification has retreated to his hidden island 
> laboratory under the Earth to plot his nefarious deeds.  Rumors persist 
> that his vile experiments are directly related to that specification, 
> and one presumes he will unveil his master plan when the stars are aligned.

For those not in the loop that means he's off finishing his PhD on the topic. ;-)

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