Re: Are filter primitive subregions clamped to the filter effects region?

Rob and I already discussed about this topic. I do not understand why
the resulting image of a filter primitive is clipped to the filter
region, while it's subregion is not?

The Spec says:
"All intermediate offscreens are defined to not exceed the intersection
of x, y, width and height with the filter region. The filter region and
any of the x, y, width and heightsubregions are to be set up such that
all offscreens are made big enough to accommodate any pixels which even
partly intersect with either the filter region or the x,y,width,height

I interprete the second sentence that all subregions are intersected to
the filterRegion too, and not only the resulting image.

I share Robs meaning about "intermediate offscreens".


Received on Wednesday, 21 October 2009 10:11:50 UTC