Re: ".svg" as background image using css


currently one can test this feature with Opera
and see, how it behaves, especially with the
interesting case with width or height given in
percentage (or em, ex etc) - what is typically not
available with more often interpreted image
formats like PNG, JFIF/JPEG, GIF.

For other browsers indeed the behaviour
is currently not very convenient for authors. 
I think, typically another background-image 
for the same element with lower specifity is 
ignored too, if the SVG cannot be interpreted.
Of course this problem remains anyway for
older browsers even if another behaviour 
will be specified from the CSS-WG and applies
for other image formats too, if they are not
interpreted (does any viewer interprete a
flash-image as background? or a PDF or
EPS? - never tried).
It remains the recommended option to provide 
at least a useful background color for older
browsers or browser versions. Doing this, one
can already provide an SVG as background image
today without any problems. Advanced viewers
will show it, older just the background color.


Received on Saturday, 17 October 2009 10:55:15 UTC