Re: Fwd: Minutes, SVG Telcon, 23 Nov 2009

Hi Doug,

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 1:38 PM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
>> Even then it will be harder to re-train people and will be confusing
>> to tell them when to use Document.createElement() and
>> Element.createElement().
> It made more sense to me when the methods I defined (with different names)
> simply inserted the created element as a child of the element this method
> was called on.

Actually I agree with you.  Perhaps then we could do the following:

1) Update document.createElement() and document.createElementNS() to
have that third property-bag argument.  These, of course, are the
non-inserting methods.

2) Have new methods on Element that do the inserting:

Element.createChild(elementName, propertyMap, insertionIndex)

As you say, we don't need a namespace-aware method here.  This method
creates and inserts a child in the same namespace.

I'd also be ok with 'insertElement' or 'insertChild' or even
'createElement' though I prefer something that immediately implies
that the newly created element will be inserted (i think 'Child' does
that as does, of course, 'insert').


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