Re: SVG 2.0

On 2009-11-19 3:03 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> [snip lots of great things Inkscape users want]
> I think I could provide more of this. The above is just off top of my head.

Hi Alexandre,

This is great stuff! I guess if this is off the top of your head, that Inkscape
does not have a wiki page (or whatever) where you collect a list of things that
you and your users would like added to or changed about SVG? If not, can I
*strongly* encourage you to consider keeping such a list, and to encourage your
users to add to it? Some sort of indication of how important each item is would
also be very useful. We would love to go over everything that you can come up
with, and will certainly address what we can in the 2.0 timeframe.

Many thanks!

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