Re: Again with the getIntersectionList()

ok - in that case I was way too naive with my thinking. I apologize.

I just wanted to add that this is a very important method for many
interactive applications. Think about maps/GIS, interactive graphics
editors, applications where you need to select elements to manipulate
them, etc

BTW: Jeff (codedread) let me know that he is working on a native
implementation (Webkit), not a Javascript shim as I was thinking.

So, hopefully, along with the implementation(s) ambiguous or missing parts
in the spec could be addded/clarified.


On Sat, November 7, 2009 2:58 pm, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Andreas Neumann wrote:
>> I guess every implementor already has the prerequisites
>> for this method, since they have to do hit-testing for graphical
>> elements
>> anyway ... so it is mainly a matter of testing not only the top
>> elements,
>> honoring the pointer-events attributes.
> Which means a complete rewrite of the hit-testing algorithm, since the
> hit-testing algorithm bails out once you get a hit, right?
> -Boris

Andreas Neumann

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