Re: Pointer-events Suggestion


just a suggestion for a workaround:
If the positions and sizes of the rectangles are known,
one can of course simply put a third rectangle with
fill-opacity 0 on top of the overlapping area to capture
the event and to start both actions - for example both
begins of a declarative animation or whatever has to
be started. 
In case of a link-functionality one still has to think how
to open two targets at once - and whether this is really
intended by the user or not, of course ;o)

If one has n>2 rectangles partly intersecting of course
one has to do some more calculations to get all
those additionally invisible rectangles in the right order.
However, if the rectangles do not change at all or only
in a predictable way, this should work.


Received on Friday, 6 November 2009 10:41:57 UTC