Re: Pointer-events Suggestion

>You should be able to attach an event handler on both rectangles and
>both will receive the event.
>That is standard DOM event bubbling behaviour.
>If you're not getting events on both rectangles, then it's
>likely the user agent you're using is buggy.


Thanks for the tip, Alex. This would certainly work in some cases but,
unless I'm missing something, I believe it's only when one rectangle is
a DOM child/descendant of the other, right? My rectangles are DOM
siblings, and sometimes not even siblings but nieces and nephews. As I
understand it, the bubbling event only moves along the DOM via
parent/child relationships on it's way to it's target. My other
rectangle isn't in the path of event travel so it never would never
receive the event.



Received on Friday, 6 November 2009 02:26:15 UTC