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>Erik Dahlstrom:
> > How about making the 'height' attribute a presentation attribute for
> > SVG.next? I think it's possible to stay backwards compatible while adding
> > the option of specifying the width/height through CSS.
> >
> > Cheers
> > /Erik
>Because width and height are not essential, but more a decorative question
>for an element in XHTML for example, it is a pretty good choice to
>have this as property.
>But for a rect element in SVG, width and height are the essential information
>about what kind of rectangle we have, this is not decoration or styling or
>presentation. Therefore I think, they should not be presentation attributes
>or properties like fill. It would be similar to say the d attribute of path
>should be only styling and decoration and the essential information is only,
>that we have a path - not important, what kind of path ;o)
>Of course, once started one has to continue the game: r of circle? rx, ry of
>ellipse or rect? points of polyline and polygon? x1,x2,y1,y2 of a line? -
>essential information or only presentation? ;o)

The next logical step would be to use a property 
to identify the type of shape, and do away with 
all the pesky shape elements altogether!   :)


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