Propositions for the next SVG spec


I have previously written an email to Doug Schepers and Chris Lilley. Doug
has told me to send it to the public SVG list. I am a regular user of the
Inkscape software and of the SVG file format. Thus, I would be interested in
some features that lack today in the current specification. I list them

First, SVG is XML, so it would be great to be able to get some *CSS like
mechanisms* to simply change the appearance (colors for instance) of a file.

I would also be great to be able to declare some colors externaly and reuse
them as constants.

For the gradients, here's my mail to Doug Schepers and Chris Lilley and
their answer :

> I'm an heavy supporter of the SVG format, using it for all my design works
> (using Inkscape to produce it). Most of what I need is possible with the 1.1
> standard, but there is a little limitation on gradients. There are only 2
> gradients : linear and radial. No way to make a gradient follow a path. I
> would reallly appreciate advanced gradient functions. I have joined a simple
> sample of what I mean by gradient along path. I have realized it with the
> blur tool but as I have said here ((PomCompot nickname)
>, it's
> not perfect, namely due to the decrease of the yellow hue. It's clear that
> you can imagine much more complicated ones with defining bounded lines
> instead of points for stops. Could we expect such improvements in the next
> versions of the specification.
>> Thanks for your support of SVG.
>> Indeed, we do plan to add new gradient capabilities to SVG in the next
>> version, and we are looking into diffusion curves, which I think will
>> meet your needs.  You can see some examples here:
>> It would be helpful to demonstrate community interest in such a feature,
>> so if you would be so kind as to make your request to the public SVG
>> list,, we would appreciate it.
*Diffusion curves* seems really a great idea.

Finally, a great thing would be to be able to define some *shape and colors
templates* and reuse them. For instance, a round rectangle with some shading
that you could define and apply this style to other rectangles. It is
already partially possible through clones, and may complete the port of CSS
to SVG.

Thanks for your work for defining such a great open standard for vector



Received on Monday, 16 March 2009 12:54:26 UTC