Error report for SVG 1.1 Appendix N, regarding "Animatable" field for 'baseline-shift', 'font-size-adjust', and 'stroke-dasharray'

Hi www-svg,

I'm writing to report an inconsistency in the SVG 1.1 spec.  In
"Appendix N: Property Index", the "Animatable" fields for the
'baseline-shift' and 'font-size-adjust' properties are different from
what their explicit property definitions say.  Additionally,
'stroke-dasharray' is completely missing its entry for "Animatable" in
Appendix N's table.

Here's what the spec says about "Animatable" status for these three

* Section 10.9.2: "yes"
* Appendix N: "yes (non-additive, 'set' and 'animate' elements only)"

* Section 10.10: "yes (non-additive, 'set' and 'animate' elements only)"
* Appendix N: "yes"

* Section 11.4: "yes (non-additive)"
* Appendix N:  [table cell is missing]

I believe that in all these cases, the definitions in Appendix N are the
incorrect ones.  I think it's sensible for baseline-shift to be additive
(at least when its value is a <length>), whereas it's not sensible for
font-size-adjust to be additive.

As a side note, I'm not entirely sure why some properties say
"(non-additive, 'set' and 'animate' elements only)", when
"stroke-dasharray" only says "(non-additive)".  Is the "'set' and
'animate' elements only" prose  merely stating that you can't animate
the particular property using 'animateColor' and 'animateTransform'
elements?  Surely that is true of most properties, though it's only
explicitly specified on very few...  Anyway, though, that's a separate
and less important issue.

Here are my proposed changes -- basically just making Appendix N match
the longer property definitions for these three properties.

#1. In, in the
'baseline-shift' row and the "Animatable" column, replace:
> yes (non-additive, 'set' and 'animate' elements only)
> yes

#2: In, in the
'font-size-adjust' row and the "Animatable" column, replace:
> yes
> yes (non-additive, 'set' and 'animate' elements only)

#3: In, in the
'stroke-dasharray' row and the "Animatable" column, add a cell saying:
> yes (non-additive)


Daniel Holbert
Mozilla Corporation

Received on Wednesday, 22 July 2009 20:43:16 UTC