Re: Canvas and Interactivity

> I think the people that consider having a full-blown DOM "crappy" are most
> likely Javascript developers.  I've been writing interactive math tutorials,
> including a light 3D renderer, in Javascript for awhile now.  I had
> originally written everything in SVG, but the performance hit that one takes
> when dealing with the DOM becomes intolerable when doing the kind of
> graphics I needed.  Personally, I love the elegance of SVG and the fact that
> it's an XML language; it makes sense to me to have your page markup,
> mathematical markup, and graphical markup all existing on the same level.
> But when SVG needs to be built and changed dynamically, it's significantly
> slower than the immediate-mode canvas.

Received on Tuesday, 14 July 2009 13:16:57 UTC