Re: Status of CSS DOM Interfaces in SVG 1.1 DOM

Jeff Schiller wrote:
> The issue seems to be that certain CSS interfaces, including CSSValue,
> were effectively obsoleted without replacements [2].  Interfaces in
> the SVG DOM, like SVGColor, depend on those interfaces [3].  Mozilla
> has not implemented the interfaces yet (though Opera/Webkit did)
> perhaps because of the CSS WG's warning [4].

By "the interfaces" I assume you mean SVGColor and such?  Last I 
checked, actual non-SVG usage of CSSValue was _only_ implemented in 
Gecko and not in other browsers (and we were planning to remove that 
implementation, since it has in fact been deprecated and no one 
implements it other than us).

> Is it a "simply" matter of convincing Mozilla to implement it anyway?
> Perhaps that comment in Mozilla's code written much earlier on in the
> SVG implementation's life and the situation has changed since then?

This is probably more appropriately addressed to the Mozilla SVG 
development newsgroup, no?


Received on Tuesday, 7 July 2009 20:49:47 UTC