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Hi, Marcos-

Marcos Caceres wrote (on 1/29/09 12:51 PM):
> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 5:28 PM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
>>>> If you would like me to work up proposed spec text, I could oblige you.
>>> That would be great! The relevant sections are:

I've attached some proposed wording for the sections you mentioned.  I
hope this helps.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs
(Insert after File Formats list)

<p>A widget user agent <em class="ct">may</em> support Scalable Vector Graphics conforming to any version of the specification, including <a href="#svg">[SVG]</a>, <a href="#svgtiny">[SVGTiny]</a>, or <a href="#svgtiny12">[SVGTiny12]</a>, for use as an icon or as content.</p>

(Insert in references section)

<dt><dfn id="svg">[SVG]</dfn></dt>
<dd>Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification. Jon Ferraiolo, 藤沢 淳, Dean Jackson. W3C Recommendation 14 January 2003</dd>

<dt><dfn id="svgtiny">[SVGTiny]</dfn></dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">Mobile SVG Profiles: SVG Tiny and SVG Basic</a></cite>. W3C Recommendation, 14 January 2003.</dd>

<dt><dfn id="svgtiny12">[SVGTiny12]</dfn></dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Tiny 1.2 Specification</a></cite>. O. Andersson, R. Berjon, E. Dahlström, A. Emmons, J. Ferraiolo, A. Grasso, V. Hardy, S. Hayman, D. Jackson, C. Lilley, C. McCormack, A. Neumann, C. Northway, A. Quint, N. Ramani, D. Schepers, A. Shellshear. W3C Recommendation, 22 December 2008.</dd>

(Insert after Default Icons table)

<p>Note that implementations which allow the use of <em class="ct"><a href="#svg">[SVG]</a></em> as an icon format <em class="ct">may</em> display declarative animation, but <em class="ct">must not</em> execute scripts or interactivity defined within the icon file, for security purposes.  This is defined as the set of features intended for use of SVG as a dynamic image, corresponding to the <a href="#svgtiny">[SVGTiny]</a> profile, and to specific feature strings for <a href="#svg">[SVG]</a> ("") and <a href="#svgtiny12">[SVGTiny12]</a> ("").</p>

<p><strong>Author requirement: </strong>authors using <em class="ct"><a href="#svg">[SVG]</a></em> as an icon format <em class="ct">may</em> create icons that use declarative animation, but <em class="ct">must not</em> rely upon script or interactivity within the icon file.</p>

<h4 class="no-toc no-num" id="conformance-checker-behavior-4">Conformance checker behavior</h4>

<p>If a CC encounters an icon in the <a href="#svg">[SVG]</a> format, it <em class="ct">may</em> warn the author if the icon includes script or interactive functionality.</p>

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